Why Electric?

The word ‘electric’ is becoming more and more common in our society, but what does this mean in terms of bicycles? What exactly are the advantages or riding electric and how does it work? In the next couple of pages we will try to acquaint you with riding electric and how it works.

 35p every 60+ miles!Annual savings afb.Compared to a moped or small car, riding electric is much cheaper. Not only purchase costs are lower, but also the use of the vehicle is cheaper compared to the average small car. In the last couple of years fuel prices have gone up and driving a car on for example benzene is expensive. Riding electric will only cost you 35p per 60+ miles!

Motivation to get moving!
Riding an e-Bike encourages you to get off your seat and into your saddle, and because it’s so easy, you are likely to travel longer distances. This means you will get more exercise since you will still have to put in some effort. Because of these advantages, it is likely one will ride their e-Bike more often and will become a great alternative to driving a car!

Easy and comfortable
Riding electric is seen as light and comfortable and is ideal for riding downtown. Short distances are easy to take on, without arriving exhausted or sweating.
Charging the battery of your e-Bike is the same as charging your mobile phone or laptop. At night you plug the charger into a power point, and the next morning your bike will be fully charged.

Quiet and cleanQWIC’s e-Bikes are quiet and clean. Our e-Scooters don’t leave gas smells and have no loud engines. The quiet electric bikes will let you cruise through town without causing any nuisance.