Theres a big difference between charging an e-bike and an e-scooter. The difference mainly consists in the way the battery is charged, its capacity and whether or not it’s removable.

How long does it take to charge the battery?


On of the main advantages of the battery of the e-bike is that in most cases they are removable. This way it is easy to take the battery out, and charge it in your own room in a random power point. An electric bike needs about 3 hours to be charged for 90%. Batteries from e-scooters are usually not removable although some models do carry removable batteries. Solutions for these batteries are charging stations, power point in the garage of shed or the old-fashioned extension cord.

A recent development is installing a power point in your own outer wall. This power point contains a waterproof seal,
which you can control via a key. Click here for more information on the power point in outer walls.

When the e-bike or e-scooter is fully charged, the battery does not have to be removed immediately for the power point. This way it’s easier to charge the battery: You simply charge it all night so the battery is always charged in the morning. The battery does not have to be completely empty in order to be charged.

Where do I charge my electric vehicle?

  • In a regular power point: Charging an e-bike is simple and in most cases can be done at home. Charging happens on the same way you charge your mobile phone or laptop. At night you plug you charger into a power point, that way you bike will be fully charged in the morning. This means that your house contains about 20 ‘charging stations’.