Environmental benefits

Petrol-powered scooters have become cleaner and consume less fuel compared to a couple of years ago. An electric scooter is environmentally friendly. It produces less air pollution and is therefore friendlier towards the environment.

Research done by ‘Milieu Centraal’ has shown that electric mopeds are up to 20x more environmentally friendly that petrol-powered mopeds. Electric scooters don’t cause direct harmful substance emission, and therefore the strain on the environment is reduced.

Scooters are used in the city where people on the streets inhale exhaust gases. An e-scooter does not emit harmful substances and therefore smog formation is reduced with a factor 90 – 900.
(Source: Milieu Centraal – 22/6/2010)

QWIC contributes to the environment by recycling its batteries and frames for 100%.