I Am Electric

I am electric is the expression for everyone who is proud to be driving an electric vehicle. The ‘I am Electric’ community consists of e-bike fans who believe that driving electric is the future of transportation.

Within this community ideas and experience about driving e-bikes are being transmitted. The current amount of charging station and their locations as well as different e-bike brands and products are listed, which will always present you with an accurate overview or brand on the market.

The aim of this community is to create a platform for all people who are proud to own an electric vehicle. Together we stand strong expressing this message. On the ‘I am Electric’ message board you’ll be able to share your experiences with driving electric and your preferences regarding transportation.

Convince your friends, acquaintances and business relations to change electric transportation: On bikes, scooters and in cars. The ‘I am Electric’ organisation is owned by enthusiastic fans interested in the development of electric transport. ‘I am Electric’ derived from the market. Because there was a demand for a platform where people could be proud of their electric transport and share their thoughts and experiences, this website was found. QWIC is the initiator of the ‘I am Electric’ campaign.

I am electric