How many miles can I drive?

The range (radius) depends on different circumstances like headwind, quality of the road service, tire pressure, outside temperature and the driver's weight. By driving anticipatory (keeping distance from other traffic users, letting the engine slow down instead of using the brakes) the radius is extended. The radius is measured at a constant speed of 15.5 mph with an outside temperature of ca. 20 degrees Celsius. At lower temperatures the radius decreases. The rule of thumb: Per 1 ˚C the capacity decreases with 1%.

How long does the battery last?

The battery can be charged 1000x from 0-100%. If the battery is not completely empty when recharged, the amount of cycles increases. The battery lasts about 4 years when used appropriately. Always charge the battery in space with a room temperature of at least 10 degrees Celcius.

How many miles can I ride on a full battery?

The range (radius) is heavily dependent on the use and circumstances. Defining factors include:
  • Your own efforts
  • The chosen gear
  • Acceleration or constant speed
  • Quality of road.
  • Weather conditions (wind, rain and temperature)
  • Maintenance of the bicycle
  • Correct tire tension

The given range is measured under average efforts at a constant speed of 20km/h at 20"C

Is it possible to buy a second battery?

Yes, QWIC sells spare batteries to double up the radius or for more ease.

Is it possible to use bicycle charge-stations or 'Hotspots'?

All QWIC electric bikes contain removable batteries which can be charges at every random power point, as well as at special charging stations. Charging an empty battery will cost about €0,05. Many cafees and restaurants won't have a problem with their customers charging their batteries as long as they order a cup of coffee on the side.

Is it possible to ride with an empty battery?

This e-bike has 7 gears and the especially designed ULF (Ultra Low Friction) hubengine. This combination results in minimal friction in the bicycle which makes cycling without battery as light as a regular bike.

What is the maximum speed that the engine supports?

The QWIC E-bikes support up to 15mph